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How do you like your pizza? – February 17, 2016

I prefer just meat and cheese.  I am married to one of those supreme lovers; she will take just about anything on her pizza.  I always think if I wanted a salad I would get one, just not heated on top of my pizza.  My wife and I disagree on what toppings belong on pizza.  I am guessing you have people in your life that disagree with you as to what is best when it comes to pizza, but you love them anyway.  Pizza is one thing that we can disagree on and still have enjoyable relationships, but what about theology?  What can we agree on and what can we disagree on and still stay in fellowship?  Can we pick and choose like we do when we order pizza?  Can I get something on one half and not on the other?  Can we just pick stuff off that we don’t like for the sake of peace?  What exactly do theology and my belief system mean to those around me?  What is acceptable?  What is absolute?  What is flexible?  The reality is we all like pizza, but we all prefer it in different ways.  Over the next several blogs, I want to explore what is and is not absolute.  I hope you enjoy the journey and if you have questions I would love to hear from you.

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