God is all you need

The Disappearing Church

I have been in church ministry now for nearly 30 years. I have heard, seen and experienced many difficult things during these years. Presently, I know of two local churches that are having a difficult time and it breaks my heart to see such trouble. I have had my own share of stress while leading a church. As I reflect on these times, I find myself wondering why these trials happen? Maybe it is because we have a misunderstanding of what church is. I wonder if we have made our church an idol? I wonder if we no longer see church as a place to ministry to sick people, and only see it as a place to care for my own soul. Have we made our church a place we protect, guard, elevate and demand personal action from? If so, it is our idol. Church was never meant to be a place for me, but a place for us. It was never meant to be a place where I get fed, but a place where we get fed. It is a place where we come together and worship God, renew our spirit in serving God, and pray for those who need God. Somehow and somewhere along the way we have turned it into a place that caters to my needs. How did we get here?

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