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Did you ever notice how messy church can be?  All you have to do is spend a few weeks in a church to discover the cracks in the system.  You see people hold on to past hurts and others who dwell on past successes.  You see people live very different lives outside of the church than they claim to be living while inside the church.  You have a Pastor who is flawed and often has a family that is as dysfunctional as yours and you wonder how he can get up front each week and call people to a behavior he seems to be struggling to implement himself.  You notice that some people wander in and out in such a casual manner while others have their names etched on their seat and no one should ever attempt to disrupt their routine.  You hear people sing, some hit most of the notes, while the loudest ones are always a little off key.  You see people laugh and hug and you know that they are hiding a great pain and you think why isn’t this a safe place to share your agony.  When the service is over you see people rush for the door wondering what is the hurry?  You see others stand on the outside hoping someone speaks to them today while others seem preoccupied with conducting business or making sure they look and say the right things to the right people.  As you leave you ask yourself, what was this about?  Why do these people come here?  What were they trying to find?  Here is the answer: peace.  The church is filled with imperfect people all with their own history, baggage and needs.  They come to meet God and trust that through this encounter they will find peace.  If you come to church expecting to see people cleaned up, perfect in pitch and dress, you will be disappointed.  What you should find is a group of people who are all struggling to be who they know they should be and hope the week ahead gives them victory.

Next week we will look at more of why I love the church.

Keep reading, keep growing and keep following the King!


-Pastor Doug

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